For the computer experts here

I recently built a new computer and so far it is good except for one thing. The chipset fan is obnoxiously loud. It sounds like it is rubbing against something when it is running. I tried to lower the fan speed to zero but the bios prevents me from lowering it to zero when it thinks the chipset is at 100C. I read that some people solved the problem by flashing the bios to update it. I’ve never done this before so I am not quite sure how to go about doing it. The MB does have a bios button on the IO shield. Can I flash the bios even though I have everything up and running? What are the steps to do it? Thanks in advance.

If your setup is new, reach out to the manufacturer and ask about it. Its very possible there might be an issue and may need to be addressed for any number of reasons. I’m not a technical person, but I did a Google search on the phrase “the chipset fan is obnoxiously loud” and came up with some interesting threads. This one addresses one model, so I would look into the model you are using.

This one being the most prominent:

But then again, like I said, I’m no expert. However, I have had noise issues in my rig over the years and my technician usually can run them down. In most cases it required me to get a replacement and have the manufacturer of the item provide a replacement which they in turn marked as defective for replacement.

Fans are pretty simple devices actually. From old experience I have often found that if it sounds like something is rubbing the fan, then something likely is. Mostly stray cables, you can bend or tie down to solve that. If the fan is making noise and nothing is actually touching it, then most commonly the bearings are going bad, and you need to replace the fan.

Edit: they are making new type bearings now, magnetic, like
2nd edit: bios buttons on motherboards are often to clear settings, have to read the manual…

If you can afford it, I’d suggest upgrading your CPU fan to a liquid cooled system. It still uses fans, but they’re larger, mounted on the back of the case and spin slower…

the inly fan in my system that makes any noise is the PSU, and that only some of the time. Opening and sliding/slamming closed the top panel on my case jarrs it enough to reset it. But be careful doing something like that if you do not have all of your storage as SSDs, as you might muck up your HDDs.

I have an AIO on the cpu. It’s fine; it’s the chipset fan making all the noise.

Solved. Flashed the bios but that didn’t fix the problem. Turns out the problem was the fan on the GPU. A little adjusting took care of it. At least now I have the most recent bios version. :grinning: