Follower Dungeons in 10.2.5

omg…this is so awesome…no more leveling a fresh character only to get thrown into the speed run from hell. Finally a way to actually learn and enjoy these locations at your own pace.


I like the way they seemed to have designed this for one player + npc follwer(s) and/or a smaller group of players with one or more npc followers, if I read that right.

I recall another game I played where I was able to do something like this w/my own npc healer or tank, along with one or two other players w/their own npc follower: one caveat being the party could only be a total of five so one of us needed to leave their own npc follower behind. We would decide which npc followers we wanted and chose those best suited for our group make up.

Its been so long that I’m a bit hazy as to which game that was, but I keep thinking it was SWTOR. I’d have to look that up to see if I’m remembering that correctly. But I was always happy with how Bliz setup Legion followers which I made use of all the time. I think we did that there too but, like I said, I cannot remember which game allowed the dungeon make up to include followers.

This is awesome! Especially when you have gatekeeper dungeon quests. I’ve abandoned a lot of quests because my timing didn’t match with others. So I never finished those chains, professions, etc. I love this! I can do things at my own very slow pace.

yes swtor gives you a robot pet to tank for you. ffxiv has the npc party

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FINALLY!! This was a feature in Guild Wars ONE (not 2 but 1).
I wish they would make this for ALL dungeons not just DF dungeons.
Very happy over this addition.