Focusing on a Focused Focus Strategy

I’ve been researching focus and things seem to be scattered across the board on what to work on and when and all that jazz. So I thought I’d ask here so there’s a place to come look again as I progress.

Basically…what order to focus on schools when looking from a long-term perspective at unlocking everything?

And is it that simple? Or is it more like do every school for unlocking the way-bound skills, then park in a useful school (Zenurik for energy or Madurai for damage?) until opening all the pool, and then cycle around all the schools saving the one you intend to stay in as primary for last?

Or since way-bounds are the only thing usable from schools you aren’t in is it only worth getting the way-bounds in 4 and then staying in your primary school forever?

Or something different? Again I’m looking long term in how I approach this, so I’m trying to avoid doing double or triple work and having to slot in the same school of lenses more than twice.

Edit: and also adding 10 Brilliant Eidolon Shards to the farming list to unbind all the way-bounds…

You just need to foSQUIRREL!

Zenurik for Energy makes so very many things so much better that I’m not even sure what the other 4 schools are for. Admitedly, I’ve only unlocked a few of the nodes and am working on way-binding the first one that I can way bind.

RE: Saving your Shards
If you’re semi-regularly running Eidalons, you are better off converting them to focus an then when you eventually get up to unbind, just run another one.

I think I read that if you were maxing your focus cap every single day (an extremely non-trivial prospect) that it would take something like a year to unlock everything. This is a seriously long term project.

Yeah that’s kiind of the thing…I’m not sure what the point is for most of it. It seems like maybe you just need to get the waybounds taken care of in 3 of the schools, go ahead and get Madurai fully unlocked, and then just sit in Zenurik for 99% of the time and swap to Madurai for Tridolon runs due to the damage boost. All my reading on the subject hasn’t given me anything more to…focus on.

If that’s the case it looks like I don’t have to do a lot of lens swapping. I can just change lenses on Mesa/Saryn/Volt to get the waybounds maxed and unlocked in each school, and leave my Zenurik lenses installed permanently in my weapons.

I haven’t been “farming” focus yet and don’t think I have hit the cap on any day due to all the other stuff on my priority list. Considering it is currently the longest farm in the game if one were to fully unlock everything, I was going to bump up priority of maxing focus daily sooner than later. Just don’t see the value thus far hence the post. :thinking:

Just wanted to update that I think I am going with splitting lenses between Zenurik and Madurai on my most used equipment. Once I am finally done unlocking all of those two - say Christmas 2020 or so - I’ll replace them to grind focus on all three others over time.