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Hi all,

I am an old time EQ and EQ2 player (was an EQ2 beta tester), but have not played in a good 8-years. I was cleaning out an old HDD and saw a bunch of my old EQ2 stuff and for some reason got the bug to give it a go again.

After re-installing, I logged in and when I tried to see if my old guild still existed, the game window showed the join a guild screen. Coincidentally, a recommended guild was The Old Timers Guild. The funny thing is that I had been involved a while ago with a multi-game older guild called The Older Gamers. They are mostly out of Australia so grouping was always difficult seeing I am in the states. Additionally, they do not have an EQ or EQ 2 division.

I thought I would apply here and see what y’all think. To show you how long it has been since I last played, my Illusionist is only level 78 and the first Kunark expansion had just hit the streets - not to mention my server no longer exists. I guess there has been some merging and Unrest has become Halls of Fate. My in-game name for the Illusionist is Elbrin. I also have a few other toons but Elbrin is the highest at only 78.

I will keep an eye out here to see if I am approved and then try to contact someone in game. I think I saw Qukat and Valynde listed as recruiters.

Take care and be well.


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Welcome back!

As soon as your name turns blue here, we’ll be happy to invite you to guild in-game!

~Rosy~ AKA Valynde and others. :smiley: