Firefox issue?

Using Firefox I get the “shouldn’t see this menu” instead of the lovely format that shows with Chrome.
Is that a known issue? I don’t have it with any other website.

On mobile right now but will check on my desktop soon. I’ll also tag @Thisnthat to invoke his good name.

Looks fine with Firefox to me. :grin:

I have installed firefox but at this point I Am not able to duplicate the issue you are seeing. I added the addblock plus and ublock extensions to see if they were flagging something but they do not seem to in their default configuration.

Do you have any other script blockers running?

I do notice that ADB is blocking 23 items on your shot but none in mine.

Even if I lock it down I’m only getting 3:

Do you have a custom filter list?

Smells like your browser (or some ad blocker, like the others mentioned) is blocking JavaScript. Do you run an extension like NoScript? If so, you might need to whitelist our site.

It was AdlBlocker Plus. Weird it never did that before.

Thanks for the help.