[Finished] Wednesday 07:30 PM Eastern, Eberron

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Check here for information on our Eberron campaign.

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Edit: We will continue using the Classic version of FG since I’m hosting under Linux. It was stated the Unity build for FG for Linux wasn’t ready yet.

Character Creation rules for when the prelude is finished. Start with Level 1. I want to keep it simple, this go around, and see how the “stock” characters play out. So no multi-classing or feats for this campaign. The only exception is if the race/class/background comes with a feat (i.e. variant-human). Character options will come from the Players Handbook and the Eberron splatbook that I’ll have loaded for character creation and play. Standard array or 27 point buy for Ability scores.

I was going to stick with just Eberron, but decided to allow the other books as well since I’ve already cut out multi-class and feats. So you can use character options from: Element Evil Players Companion, Mordenkainen’s, Volo’s (although check out Eberron monster races as an alternate), Sword Coast Guide, Xanathar’s, and of course Eberron.

Starting Equipment: Go with standard set specified by your class. Or you can use starting gold (chapter 5 of PHB) and buy equipment. Substitute the value 3 as the d4 roll. So a fighter which starts with 5d4 * 10 would be 150 gp.

The first part of the Eberron campaign is a prelude. You will be using pregenerated level 0 characters for the prelude. These characters will become NPC’s in the main story. I have the characters built in Fantasy Grounds. However, you can check out the choices at this link.

Since there are 6 pregens and we are temporarily short two players (@grapper, @fenwald), send anyone you know that might be interested in a this one-shot adventure to post interest in this topic.

I am interested!

I played a lot of AD&D 2nd edition, and a little bit of 4th.

I just purchased Fantasy Grounds in the Steam sale.

Let me know what I need and what times you play!



Our next session is Wednesday at 07:30 PM Eastern US time. This is a short prelude adventure that will last one, maybe two, sessions. The 2 spots are only open for this session as we have two players that will be returning soon.

Also, this is a “Level 0” prelude which plays a bit different than the usual 5E D&D session.

If you are still interested given the above restrictions, then join us in Discord in the “General Games”, “Virtual Table Tops” voice chat channel just before game time.

I’m in - I’m picking a warrior, if it’s available.

I’ll take flash

None of them have class :smiley:

The strongest would be Grannok the half-orc soldier, or Silver Codex, the warfarged sage. However, since this is a level 0 prelude, there will (probably) be little of the fightty bits and more role playing bits. So I encourage you to check the personality and back story to find something that fits your mood.

Sounds great thanks!

@Jendai and everyone

go ahead and let someone take my spot. I’ve been thinking about cutting back the number of nights that I do D&D and since we are done with scales of war now, this would be a good time for me to bow out.

At some point, I’ll probably jump into another campaign, so I’m sure I’ll see you guys around.

Happy gaming :slight_smile:

Sorry to see you go. But I completely understand. Hope to game with you again.

I’m in,
this is all new to me,
so will work w/you all on it

I would like Sharyl

Grannok looks fine. :slight_smile:

@Vulreyn, @Silent, @Dacheese, @Stormin, @Elmin

Refer to the first post above for character building. Take note of the no-multiclass and mostly no feat restriction when deciding on a character. This shorter campaign will only go to level 10 over 11 “Modules”. I’d like to try to keep the characters simpler and less “maximized” to increase tension over what we had last campaign. I hope this doesn’t put too much of a damper on your fun. Thanks.

Oh and if anyone runs into @fenwald, see if you can get an update on his return. I hope his recovery is going well.

5e Basic Rules Link

Here is one place to find the basic rules.

@Vulreyn, @Silent, @Dacheese, @Stormin, @Elmin
Going to leave the server running as much as possible until next game session. So go ahead and work on your character whenever the mood strikes you.


Character created

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okay so i had to reset my computer and I don’t have any of the information for joining the game. So if you could get that to me I would appreciate it

Check Discord DM.