[Finished] PF2 - Forgotten Realms Heroic Romp (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

VTT Client: Fantasy Grounds Classic (Ultimate License), or maybe Fantasy Grounds Unity; TBD
Host DM Name: OTG_Rando (classic) / scourge2805 (Unity)
Host Password/Connection String: will provide via Discord or PM

Game System: Pathfinder (2e)
Game World: The Forgotten Realms

Voice: OTG Guild Discord - VTT channel

Dates/Time: Thursday September 24th, 8-11 EDT, then weekly same day/time till completed

Preferred Party Size: 4-6

Current Party:

  • Ocelot - Vanimorion - Elf Wizard
  • Ryukan - Maedhros - Elf Magus
  • Mithinar - Rasinar - Dwarf Fighter
  • Quixote - Torvad Sirini - Human Swashbuckler
  • Airen - Synjen Smythe - Half-elf Cleric

Party is full.

The Dalelands

Between Cormyr and the Moonsea lie the beautiful forests and fields of the Dalelands, home to some of the most powerful characters and exciting adventures in the Heartlands. Proud and free, these scattered realms stand against the dark evil of Zhentil Keep and the savage raiders of the mountains and forests. Ancient magic lies buried in dangerous ruins within the vast Elven Woods, waiting for the hand bold enough to seize it.

The Dalelands are a place where adventurers are welcomed, and heroes rewarded with gold, honor, and power. Enemies, old and new, move against the Dales constantly, and the call goes out for brave and true heroes to defend the land!

The Dalelands are the oldest campaign setting of the Forgotten Realms, finally described in detail. New and exciting information about each of these independent lands is contained in this accessory. Of course, the dark and sinister enemies who plot against the Dales are described as well! Prepare to meet the challenges of the Dalelands!

The game system is Paizo’s one-year old Pathfinder second edtion, but the game world is the venerable Forgotten Realms, specifically the Dalelands (or Dales). The first adventure will start in the town of Shadowdale (in the Dale of the same name).

Time wise, the adventure takes place in the year 1368, which is in the distant past of current 5E D&D’s Forgotten Realms timeline.

Characters will start at level 1. Characters can expect to reach level 20 the campaigns’s end (assuming they survive.)

Everything from the following published Paizo sources is valid for creating characters:

  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook
  • Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide
  • Lost Omens World Guide
  • Lost Omens Character Guide

With the following exceptions:

  • no evil alignments
  • ask the GM about ancestries like leshy, lizardman, orc, hobgoblin, catfolk, tengu, and ratfolk
  • ask the GM about archetypes from Lost Omen’s World Guide or Lost Omens Character Guide
  • ask the GM about the rare backgrounds from Advanced Players Guide
  • ask the GM about stuff from Lost Omens Gods and Magic (we’d have to enter it by hand)

Clerics who are having trouble figuring out gods/domains, again ask the GM.

No purchases necessary.

Will be using Guild Discord for voice communication and Fantasy Grounds Classic as our virtual table top. A free demo license of Fantasy Grounds Classic is fine for connecting to my game. We may or may not make the jump to Fantasy Grounds Unity in the future; again no purchase would be necessary, a demo version of the software would be fine.

Session Zero (Thursday September 24th) will have character creation/input/discussion. Y’all can also discuss character concepts and/or ask questions in replies to this thread.

House Rules

  1. Character’s can “swap” spaces in tight spaces. If Character A strides or steps into character B’s space, Character B can take an immediate step as a reaction to move out of the way.
  2. Magical Implement Rules (stolen from 4E D&D and modified for PF2) provided to current party.

Information that the Party has found in the form of notes/journals from the first adventure

My character concepts so far are:

  1. Duskwalker Eldritch Archer as either Ranger or Fighter base. I shoot shit and send 'em on their way back to the Boneyard. Wait, is the Boneyard even a thing in Forgotten Realms? What would be the Forgotten Realms equivalent of the Boneyard? Hmmm… :thinking:

  2. Kobold Ranger, going either down the Beast Master and/or Cavalier route. Don’t touch my Beastie(s), he (they might bite). Hell, I might bite too.

  3. Kobold Monk w/ a dip into Sorcerer or Dragon Disciple. - Ok this one really depends on something I have been trying to figure out. How would the Monkk unarmed attack features work with the Sorcerer spell Dragon Claws. Thems Dragon Claws were pretty badass at lvl 1 (jsut ask the Chelish Loyalists) and I was wondering, if a monk had the Dragon Claws spell active, when making unarmed attacks would the bonus energy damage from the Dragon Claws spell proc with the Monk unarmed attacks? Could the Dragon Claws be used as the Monk Unarmed attacks in this manner and would the monks increased UA damage base damage dice override the Dragon Claws base damage dice? Because this could make for an even more badass melee dps monk style. And of course I would go Dragon Stance as a Kobold like you ahve to ask… :smirk:

My Current Character concepts…

Its a Secret


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Did you even watch? You’re supposed to watch the Eric Roberts say “It is a secret”…

What would happen if somebody casts Enlarge on the Kobold?

you would get a halfling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Heeeeeyyyyy as a Kobold, I take offesnse to that.

Then again, my character previous to the Kobold was a halfling…

Dang. I was hoping for Godzilla!!

What if you chain cast Enlarge?

If any of y’all are thinking about clerics - one of you at the very least is 'cause of PMs I’ve received - then the following infos might be useful.

Forgotten Realms deities match up pretty well mechanics wise to PF2 clerics/domains. You can find a list of the most popular deities in the Dales like so:

Chauntea, Ilmater, Lathander, Mielikki, Silvanus, Tempus, Torm, Tyr.

Which happen to be most of the good-aligned ones. These are the ones you are going to find temples and shrines of in the area with the possible exception of Tyr.

Corellon Larethian (and the rest of the Seldarine - the elven pantheon) are also popular in the Dales given the (relatively) large number of elves and half-elves who still live in the area.

Mystra, Sune, Selune, Sehanine Moonbow, and Angharradh also enjoy cross-over appeal amongst humans, elves, and half-elves.

For a complete list, click on the link of any of those deities then scroll down to the bottom and select the “Deities of the Era of Upheaval”. Well most of them, for instance Mystra’s page does not have that link… for whatever reason.

Deities with evil alignments, even if they allow neutral priests/worshipers, are not appropriate for PCs in this campaign. Deities of the Mulhorndi pantheon also aren’t going to get any in campaign airplay. Non-dwarven or non-elven racial deities will also be pretty much unmentioned.

In the likely event that any of these deities have a domain that doesn’t exist in PF2 or there’s a specific PF2 domain you want that none of these deities have, ask and we can figure something out. Same thing goes for Anathema, we’ll figure it out.

You’ll want to select the deities “3e stats” on the sidebar of their individual page to find the list of follower alignments and domains that’ll most easily work with PF2 clerics.

Secrets of Magic playtest document(s) - including Summoner and Magus classes - Tuesday.

Actually no I didn’t. I had found out yesterday morning that I hadn’t gotten the emoji badge for the forums, so took this moment to do one from each category so I could get the badge.


ps. It’s still a secret…

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Isn’t Magus the class that causes Kobold’s heads to explode trying to learn it?

Pffft, Duskwalker Magus all the way.

Enlarged cold-fusion kobold magus.

Make it so.

Enlarged Kobold is just Dragonborn.

Do I win? Can I play White or Silver Dragonborn Magus now?

So I’ve been trying to research my idea for character concept #3 in my previous post and I am not finding much. Based on these threads from the Paizo forums what do y’all think?


Looking over those two threads I am leaning towards a big NO on my character concept in the relationship between Dragon Claws and Monk unarmed attacks. Oh well I’ll stick with concept #1 or #2.