[Finished] PF2 - Entombed with the Pharaohs - one off adventure (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

VTT Client: Fantasy Grounds Unity (Ultimate License)
Host DM Name: OTG_Rando
Host Password: will provide via Discord

Game System: Pathfinder( 2.0)

  • Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rules
  • Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide - Player Guide

Voice: OTG Guild Discord - VTT channel

Dates/Time: Thursday April 9th, 8-11 EDT, then weekly same day/time till completed

Preferred Party Size: 4-6
Party max size reached, game is closed

Entombed with the Pharaohs

The deadly pyramid tomb of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension has finally been discovered and the race is on to plunder its priceless treasures. Untold riches await the winner, but the prized might instead include an eternity of undead servitude.

The game world is Golarion (the default world of the Pathfinder RPG), and the setting for this particular adventure is Osirion.

Time wise, the adventure takes place in the year 4707, 98 years after Osirion has achieved independence from Kelethite occupation. The Ruby Prince, Khemet III - the nation’s ruler, is greatly interested in raising Osirion’s profile while learning more of the secrets behind the ancients’ miracles. The events involving the Sky Pharaoh have not happened yet, and Khemet III still regularly invites foreign scholars and archaeologists to help unearth ancient Osirion lore.

Characters will start at level 6.

The party should have some tie to the Pathfinder Society, whether as members, new recruits, friends, etc, as the Pathfinder Society is the party’s sponsor for this expedition.

The desert wastes of Osirion have always been home to competing clans of nomadic elementals of air and sand, best known for ushering in blinding khamsin on a seasonal basis. Something changed this year, though, and the elementals went berserk, scouring the desert with tireless fury. Thousands of tons of desert sand shifted, with entire towns buried and valuable oases lost. As a result, the caravan roads have become incredibly deadly. But one man’s disaster is another man’s opportunity, for in the valleys and canyons left behind by the storms, ancient wonders from fantastic myths have resurfaced. A dozen previously unknown pyramids now miraculously rise from the sand.

Word has spread. Renowned treasure hunters from across the globe congregate in Sothis, Osirion’s bustling capital, to prepare for some of the most anticipated dungeon delves in centuries. WIthin this community of rogues, bandits, mercenaries, and tomb robbers, a rumor has spread like wildfire; one of these resurfaced structures towering out of the desert floor is none other than the legendary pyramid complex of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension.

Current Party:

  • Mithinar - Rasinar Ironmaul - Dwarven Champion (of Soralyon)
  • Ocelot - “The Widow” - Elven Barbarian
  • Ryukan - Jebaxak Wolfbrother - Halfling Druid (w/ Jago wolf companion?)
  • Cortillaen - ??? - Elven Bard
  • Quixote - Quilion Panza - Half-Elf Cleric (of Irez)
  • ChacoBlue - Tobey - ??? Fighter

No purchases necessary.

Will be using Guild Discord for voice communication and Fantasy Grounds Unity as our virtual table top. A free demo license of Fantasy Grounds Unity is fine for connecting to my game.

Session Zero (Thursday April 9th) will have character creation/input/discussion. Y’all can discuss character concepts and/or ask questions in replies to this thread.

If yer interested please reply.

House Rules

  1. Character’s can “swap” spaces in tight spaces. Character A can stride or step into character B’s space, and character B can take an immediate step as a reaction to move out of the way.

Rasinar Ironmaul - Champion of Soralyon The Mystic Angel --> Reporting for Duty


Changed Deity to allow for a different alignment.

Updated original post with time references.

Updated start date. Moved back one extra week. I’m not sure I’ll need it, and if I’m done early I can move it back up a week.

Map mapping, 3.5 to Pathfinder2e conversion, monster making, item making, token making, LoS occlusion in FG, etc. It’s more than I estimated.

I have settled on:

Mathis Wolfbrother - Twilight Halfling Ranger w/ Jago: male wolf animal companion
tracker, survivalist and wilderness guide

Name: The Widow
Ancestry: Whisper Elf
Background: Farmhand
Class: Barbarian (Spirit Instinct)
Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Pharasma

We’ll be using standard wealth-by-level to determine starting items/money. You can take either the items + currency or the lump sum; your choice. (Purchase prices will be 100% of the item’s value.)

Updated OP with more intro info including Pathfinder Society ties.

Oh man I just realized April 9 is a whole two weeks away :crying_cat_face:.

Another thing to keep in mind, just like Raiders of the Lost Ark, some of your characters might be Indiana Jones and have doctorates in archaeology and stuff, but you’ll still need to get the headpiece to the Staff of Ra properly translated from a local expert.

Strangely (?) this module, unlike most adventure paths, assumes that none of the PCs are in fact locals and getting to know the real locals and finding out what they can do to help y’all will be part of the adventure.

What if I do want to be local?

Name: TBD
Ancestry: Elf
Background: Fortune Teller
Class: Bard
Alignment: CN
Concept: Support and Debuff Caster

A fortune-teller who moved into the area some time ago. Most people regard him as just an opportunistic con artist like any other, performing cup scryings, palm readings, and divining sticks auguries. However, a few swear his Harrow readings saved them from disaster. Whatever the case may be, some of the more observant elements in the capital have noticed he has a tendency to pop up in conjunction with the start of major events.

The truth of his presense in the city is murky. He is nominally a Pathfinder Agent, but he arrived in the area well ahead of the recent upheaval, and apparently came on his own initiative rather than following any Society directive. As more agents arrive to investigate the uncovered ruins, he has quietly slipped into their number for his own objectives.

Side note: I hope someone else brings some healing capacity. I’d rather not end up forced to blow most of my slots on Soothe.

Alrighty, I am gonna switch it up and go with something other than Ranger. I was thinking that the party may be lacking with a Champion, Barbarian, Ranger and only a Bard as the caster. Bards aren’t exactly known for being healers (nothing against bards of course). We don;t want to make the poor Bard So I am nixing my Ranger idea and I am going to play either Druid or Alchemist. Looking for some group input here as to what the party would prefer I bring to the group or any thought on it in general. Here are my two concepts one for Druid and one for Alchemist.

Name: TBD
Ancestry: Twilight Halfling
Background: TBD (Hermit? Animal Whisperer?)
Class: Druid (Animal Order)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion/Deity: Gozreh most likely

Name: TBD
Ancestry: Charhide Goblin
Background: Scholar (most likely)
Class: Alchemist (Research Field: Bomber)
Alignment: Chaotic Good or Neutral Good

The thing with Druid is I am having a difficult time coming up with a decent backstory/situation to find a Druid going to the desert and into tombs and such. I am having a much easier time with the Alchemist backgroud. Also, my goblin Alchemist would have much more character flavor.

But I am open to suggestions/thoughts from you guys as to which would be better for the party.

I think a Druid would be best. As we’ve mentioned before, they have as much blasting power as any Wizard, along with Heal and several of the most important recovery spells. Alchemists have to basically pick one or the other (Bomber vs Chirurgeon), but even in the one they pick, they probably aren’t going to be as good as the Druid can be at both. Alchemist needs a little bit of work; at the moment, the math just doesn’t work for them. I’ll be happy to elaborate on that if you want.

A Druid might be in the area to investigate what is causing the elementals to go berserk, given their close connection to the natural world. Or he could purely be following PFS orders to investigate, maybe a novice Druid who is in the Society to get more experience in the world before returning to his druidly duties.

As for Background, don’t forget that it can be something you were/did before becoming a Druid, so it could very well be something mostly unrelated. Farmhand, Herbalist, Laborer, Miner, and Nomad all could be related, and even things like Sailor or Warrior could fit if something happened that changed the character’s life.

Something changed this year… Thousands of tons of desert sand shifted… with valuable oases lost… in the valleys and canyons left behind by the storms, ancient wonders from fantastic myths have resurfaced. A dozen previously unknown pyramids now miraculously rise from the sand.

Could the cause of what drove the elementals crazy be inside one of these unknown pyramids? Shouldn’t the druids who guard the precious oases in the desert find out and make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Ohhhhhh, but you said we couldn’t be local so I can’t be a druid of these deserts guarding the precious oases I have to be a foreign druid.

CortillaenGuild Member


What if I do want to be local?


You can't

Well, looks like my alchemist idea was shot down again by a bunch of neeeeeeeeeedy players who just have to have some healing and bard that doesn’t wanna heal :smirk:

I keeeeeeeeeeed I Keeeeeeeeeeeeed, the alchemist idea was more for if we had 5th and maybe 6th player with either of them playing something with healing…which it doesn’t seem like we will.

So Rando you can put me down for

Ancestry: Twilight Halfling
Background: TBD (Hermit? Animal Whisperer?)
Class: Druid (Animal Order)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion/Deity: Gozreh most likely

And I’m off to find a name that is harder to pronounce than it looks :smirk:

How about: Hey You, Healbot!!!

Is it bad I know the exact context of that 3-second blurb? In any case, I made a non-local local. :stuck_out_tongue: Someone who isn’t from the area but has been there for a while prior to the PFS expedition. So there.

Are you thinking of doing a shape-changey Druid or still going for the animal companion?

No it is good that you know that.

And now I know I don’t have to train medicine on my druid at all what with the competing Medicinists.

I’m going with animal companion Druid. I’m already playing a Circle of the Moon druid in a 5e Tomb of Annihilation game and I want to try out something different with this druid.