[Finished] Friday 5E D&D Scales of War - 8:30 - 11:00 pm Eastern

Created a new thread for this game.

Link to the old forum thread:
Friday Scales of War - Old Forum Thread (read only)

It’s still on hold while I try to get my life in order…

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@Akasa, @Mothak, @Thantoss, @Piper Hecht, @fenwald, @Mazzus

This is a good news, bad news, good news situation

The good news: I have the next Scales of War module ready!!
The bad news: I don’t have many Fridays open
The good news: I’m busy on Friday nights because I have a boyfriend :wink:

The questions are: Who is still around and interested in continuing? and Would you be available some time on Saturday, Sunday or Monday night?

I tagged those who appear to have accounts on the new forum. If anyone is in contact with the others direct them to this thread.

I’m still around and of those choices Sunday night would be the best, but will see what everyone else says

I have a game every other Sat night, and my Sunday games rotate GM’s sometimes they start at 3pm, sometimes they start at 10am… I never know until the day before.
(Grats on the bf btw)

Well guessing this isn’t happening due to lack of responses and activity

I just noticed the new forum … I’m slow

I’m still interested

That’s 3…

@Akasa, @grapper , @Thantoss, @PiperHecht, @fenwald, @Mazzus

ehhhh? ehhhhhhhhhhh? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?


I am game

Hey I kept posting in here until more then a month past and no update and I posted. I’m still interested.

Just so you know I’m 2 weeks from being homeless, due to being jobless for 8 months, if this job offer I got doesn’t come through and don’t get the relocation money. ALso if it does I’ll be having to move.

But if I’m able I am interested.

If something happens either way I’ll post in here. Either way I would like to play and been waiting :slight_smile:

I’m game.
Sorry to hear that Than.

Not your fault Akasa :smiley:

But if I do get that job or the Veteran Hospital tentative selection(GS-11) offer either will be really good paying jobs, just wish they hadn’t come so close to me being homeless.

I’m in of course. Thanks all

Any further news/updates?

I just got home. It sounds like we have everyone available again?

I don’t think I can do every Friday. We could do every other week, perhaps? or else another night.

What is everyone else’s situation?


Tues and Sat and Sun are out for me.

I’m probabaly available any night but fri-sun nights are usually free for me to game

Also I am in the process of moving so depending what my situation is when I move I may or may not have internet. Though at this rate it doesn’t seem like most are interested in playing.

I’m also flexible for nights, if we aim for an 8pm EST start time on weeknights.

My best nighttime’s would be Friday or Saturday nights or Saturday or Sunday days sometime. Weeknights aren’t totally out, they’re just a little harder.