'Find Party' tool for cross server group invites on NA-East

Good morning folks,

I posted this in our Lost Ark channel in Discord as well: Discord

Has anyone tested if the ‘Find Party’ tool under the mini map works to invite other people on NA - East who are not on the Avesta server?

Specifically, if anyone has tested invites for Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

I would be willing to help test this with someone, if needed.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Per Nordh’s reply in Discord: Discord

'Yes you can, but they have to apply.

You cannot invite but you can tell the person the name of the group and they will see it in the Find Party tool.

I do this with friends on Karta’

Another follow up. I personally tested this last night during the OTG Abyssal / Guardian event. We are on Regulus and I invited OTG from Avesta using the ‘Find Party’ tool with no issues.

The tool was easy to understand and use.

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Good info, EP. Thanks!

Always glad to help! :cowboy_hat_face: