Finally trying this game

I’m giving this game a try for a little bit. Any OTG exist on this game? I’m Hagen Altec in game so hit me up here or in game.

I would try to avoid putting your email address in the forums. There’s a perfectly functional forum private message system that you can also set to forward things to your email instead.

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are you still playing? Been checking this out myself and i’m curious to see if it’s something I can get into or not before I go for the install

Dethklok, I gave this game a try and it is just ok. There is no OTG there that I saw but the small community that plays the game is really great. The game has some good ideas for character development, crafting, combat and such but for me it just didn’t have anything that hooked me to the game. There is a little bit of group content but the game is designed to run around solo: do a small amount of combat, gather alot (very slow process), craft and then design you house/castle/land. Usually couple people streaming the game on Twitch during prime hours so you might want to check that out.