Finally a buff for my Resto Shaman

I noticed an article by wccftech regarding all the upcoming changes to next week’s maintenance schedule. I am so happy because I really like playing my resto shaman but have to basically stay in ele spec just to accomplish much of anything. I miss healing and being able to quest with the same spec. So this change is especially appreciated by me.

However, because I was curious to see if Bliz had actually advertised this, I started google searching and found a Wowhead link that outlines what I read in that wcc article.

The buffs are all on healy spells… as far as I can tell.

yes, but it makes it easier for me to heal myself through mobs instead of just smack them with wet paper.

I ran through Legion on my resto shaman all the time doing quests and hopping on those invasion. It was great because mobs just could not kill me and because resto does have some damage spells available to the spec. Came in handy in those invasions because usually there are only 3 of you involved and it certainly was always welcomed when I showed up and could keep all of us healed up and do damage at the same time.

Not so much in BfA. So I had to switch to my ele for questing, but really missed the ability to constantly keep myself healed up without that silly shared CD.

I HATE having to carry 2 sets of gear for my shammy. Elemental is easier to quest & level, but you have to swap out gear in order to benefit from the Az powers. You are missing out on too many damage abilities & damage essences by staying only in Resto. While it does have a few damage spells available, elemental also has healing to help avoid the overpull.

I see Destro Locks are getting a 5% buff…no love for the affliction lock’s complete mediocre aoe ability for mythics.

Oh? I’ll have to try the dresto again if that’s the case. But I currently run my Afflic lock in game for everything and really love it. I don’t do the damage I like to do unless I am able to ramp up well, but I don’t try to beat out the dps meters either. I’m happy to throw out dots and a fear here and there while my imp fireballs away. The void walker was nerfed and doesn’t hold aggro quite as well as he used to and is a bit wimpy into the bargain, but I’ve learned how to manipulate him so that if he is getting close to dying, I throw fear out on the mobs and just resummon him.

As for my shammy, I am currently using the ele spec and find it is ok if I’m careful with positioning. I’m not that good with those ele talents but I don’t play her much. I do, however, run resto when I run into those warfronts now and again and its nice to feel the ability to heal being viable. Love the aoe healing aspect a lot.