Fighter / Kensei question

Hello all, I recently started playing the game again and I was wondering if someone could answer a question I had about the Fighter Kensei enhancement tree.

There is a tier 3 Kensei enhancement called “Athletic Mastery” which gives increases to Max Dex Bonus and Dodge Cap, as well as reductions to Armor Check penalty. Which sounds great as I’m playing a high dexterity character wearing heavy armor and those bonuses are definitely what I’m looking for. So far so good.

The problem is that the prerequisite tier 2 enhancement below it called “Improved Dodge” states that it only works with light armor or no armor. Is this intentional? Those bonuses would seem to be rather useless with light armor and yet they are locked beyond a prerequisite that mandates the use of light armor. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

I have a question as well on fighters- I have the exotic weapons enhancement and about 2 levels of blade mastery - How do I set things up so I can actually use an exotic bladed weapon - I am level 5 fighter.

Hi, I’m assuming you are talking about the Kensei Focus enhancements and the Exotic Weapon Mastery enhancement. Yeah, those just give buffs, not proficiency. In order to use exotic weapons with no penalty, you need to get the exotic weapon proficiency feat for whatever weapon you want to use. Here is the wiki page for it, hope this helps.