FFXIV tips and tricks

Even if you’ve been playing a long time, you might just find out something you didn’t know about the UI from the following vids. Lots of good stuff here, succinctly presented. Enjoy!


Great videos. I’ve played the game for years and still found a couple useful tools that I was not aware of. A glowing weapon while just standing around is a must have for a glamour hog like Broggette. :heart_eyes:

Hi Mosselyn, Are you playing FFxiv? I remember you from years ago in Guild Wars. Echo

Yes, after a couple false starts in years past, I finally got serious about it about a year ago. Loving it!

It is fun. Are you in the OTG fc? Whats your name. Mine is Loraine Gren

I am, sadly, not on OTG’s server. A friend lured me on to another server, and I’m pretty dug in there now. I was actually damn glad of it when EW launched and Excalibur had hellacious queues.

Hoping to play with you guys when the cross-DC grouping feature goes live later this year. I am Mosselyn Desrien on Zalera, in Crystal DC.