FFXIV raiding while OTG

Recently I’ve been fielding a lot of tells from members of the Free Company regarding end-game raiding, so I’ve put together this brief guide with tips for how to find a fulfilling raid experience. This is not the only way to go about raiding, but reflects my personal experience leading a Savage static for a couple years.


Good information and something I’ve gone through myself. My schedule currently doesn’t allow me to raid, but I am still in the Discord for my former static, and enjoy watching them continue to progress.

My statement on end game raiding is before anything else, learn the mechanics of the fight. A dead tank tanks nothing, a dead dps does no damage and a dead healer heals no one. Mechanics over pushing will get you further than anything else.

Also be willing to learn and adapt and leave the salt on the kitchen counter :stuck_out_tongue:


Little Fizzywinks is just trying to get to the point where I can play with the rest of the FC in the newer content. I JUST unlocked hunts and arrived at the azim steppe, lol. The guide helps though as I am completely lost with how to start with the big dog raiding.

I am capped @ mendacity tomes but cant use them as I haven’t unlocked the vendor through the msq too, lol.

MSQ, MSQ, MSQ. Everything in the game is unlocked through the MSQ.

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Just wanted to say thank you for the write up.

I was an EQ2 raid leader for years and recently joined FF14 (2weeks ago) so getting my feet under me with respect to how raids are running here is a challenge. Your document has been a valuable jump-start resource.

@Sanadorn Hey this might have been covered but what i always do for Extreme fights, savage, raids etc is watch a guide on it and apply that to what the group is doing. So a better way to explain this would be say if your trying to run Eden 1 Savage you can watch a guide on that, watching that guide will help you to better understand the strategy that your group will put forth for that run. There are exceptions if say a guide is the suggested strat for a run but normally you want to augment your understanding for the group your running with with knowledge. I’d say the other part to that though is just getting into a group that doesn’t mind a couple wipes so that everyone can experience at least 1 Enrage cycle. But @Revnant Is super RIGHT if you get into a group that is salty… your not going to learn anything except how to emulate that bad behavior.