FFXIV or Lost Ark

I just started a character on FFXIV, but wondered if I should get too invested when Lost Ark is coming in 6 weeks?

I hear good things about it and it would be a fresh start with everyone…

I plan to play both, I’m a casual player so will just take my time and enjoy them.

I’m ready for Lost Ark, enjoyed my time in the alpha/beta. I played FFXIV back when it first came out, didn’t care for it and now it sounds like a completely different game now so I am interested in checking it out again, but then again not looking to get invested in yet another game with so many unfinished games yet and games I am looking forward to in the start of 2022.

FF14 for me for obvious reasons :smiley: (Spoiler: Lost Ark isn’t sold in my country)

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