Feedback: BIS Farming Nights

We’re getting to a point where there are a few certain drops that can be farmed in groups that are BIS but aren’t something we need a full Zerg for, infact the zerg may actually make it harder to get what we are after. I’m looking for suggestions for things that are farmable that people need. What I was planning to do was organize some time on the weekend (in advance) to get those who need it together and flesh out a 5-10 man farm team to go to different places and farm for a drop.

I don’t know all the farmable drops for every spec so that’s where this tread comes in. If there’s something you know is very good and can be farmed but needs more than one person to do it please share it here so we can consider it. The more people who mention needing something the more likely I am to plan that farm.

I know we have a lot of folks after the silverleaf ring from Eternal Pools.

What else is out there that would be worth farming as a group to change it up?