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I’m relatively new to FFXIV and I don’t know all the options or possibilities in this game yet. As someone who wants to transfer from one congested server to another and is unable to do so (Leviathan to Excalibur), I have been researching and am wondering a few random things.

Is Square Enix going to fix the congested server issue on the data centers, and if so, anytime soon?
Should I wait to see if this happens so I can join the OTG FC?
Does OTG have FCs located on other Primal servers as well? If not, would OTG be open to this possibility?

I’ve been visiting other servers and have noticed a few FCs have them on more than one server. I don’t know what the pros and cons would be to this, but it seems like a potentially decent idea.

The congested server status is always temporary, although ‘temporary’ can mean for a week or more, so basically just try when the server is at low population and generally you can get through.

It often happens after new patches/releases, and the idea of ‘other OTG guilds’ has been suggested almost every one of those times :slight_smile: However, considering that eventually people can get in just fine, those guilds would be locked out of all the advantages of the ‘main’ guild, and would in that sense also be completely temporary.

So in effect, it would be kind of pointless. There is a website that shows that status of the servers (which of course now I can’t find), which also shows whether a server is limited or not.

My advice: Just keep trying, try at odd times where population is low, and have patience.

That website is here: World Status

Thanks for your response, Splutty! I’ve checked it overnight and all day long for a few days and it doesn’t change. The servers that aren’t designated as congested do, though. I’m sure the servers will loosen up eventually and when they do, I’m coming over! In the meantime, I will be patient.

I’m in! I was able to make the transfer to Excalibur so now all I need in an in-game FC invite. Where is everyone? :slight_smile:
(Also could use the Discord link, if anyone has it.)

You’ll want to start with applying to The Old Timers Guild. Once you are a member of the OTG Community, more areas of Discord will be available. You’ll also be able to access more areas of the forums, such as how to join the Final Fantasy chapter and where to sign up.

You can find the application here: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/w/otg-application

Thank you Hashberry! Just submitted my application!

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