Fated LFR Raids Hotfixed - now ilvl 230 to que

As of August 26th -

  • Fated Raids
    • Reduced the minimum Item Level to queue for all Fated Raid Finder wings to 230 (was 240).
      • Developers’ note: This restriction was too punishing given Fated LFR’s importance in providing new and returning players with an intermediary step to engage in Season 4’s endgame activities. We believe the power increases afforded from the Fated Powers themselves more than make up for this item level gap, so groups shouldn’t have a vastly more difficult time completing encounters.

Most likely from too many people coming back, getting 233 crafted gear and having to go farm heroic dungeons to get high enough to que for LFR. This was frustrating to most.

While this helps them get to see more content faster (which is a good thing) Just don’t expect LFR raids to be as easy/fast as they were in the past as more people join who might have never stood foot inside Sanctum or Sepulcher.