Farewell for a while

Hey ESO community! Wow has launched a new expansion, and my son talked me into going over there. So my ESO+ is cancelled and I will likely be spending most of my time there until Wow burnout sets in.

This ESO tour was fantastic, and all of the leaders here made a great gaming experience. I did hole up in lore for most of this tour and was not as social, and for that I apologize.

I did manage on this tour to take 18 characters to level 50, and complete crafting. By that I mean unlock all alchemy, enchanting. Mostly update provisioning. Research all traits in jewelerycrafting, woodworking, blacksmithing, and clothing. My crafting main knew a good 80%+ of the writs that I gathered from dailies. I pulled in some 31M gold raw from dailies over a period of a year +, and likely have several times that in upgrade materials in my crafting bank.

And Tess, you wont have me screwing up and putting provisioning recipies in the regular guild bank for a while now. Yay!

Looking forward to playing with you guys if not in Wow, in ESO again at a future date.




While ESO is sad to see you go, I am happy you are back…

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I fully understand where you’re coming from, as I have done the same recently. Not enough time available to play multiple platforms at the same time. Keep in touch though (I still plan on checking up on the Guild Forums regularly).

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