Fallout 76 Screenshots

There have already been several screenshot posts on the Facebook group, but I haven’t seen one here on the forums.

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Defying the laws of physics there in that last one. hah

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That’s how I roll! :sunglasses:

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Thanks for sharing!

What is this thing you call “F…ace…Booook”? :wink:

Some random screens and a couple shots of my house.

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That nuke shot is beautiful Supernaut. House isn’t too shabby either!

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Thanks! The Nuke shot was literally from my first few moments of gameplay. I heard the warning and saw the blast zone on the map. So I rushed to the nearest hilltop and watched the detonation. It was pretty spectacular seeing a nuke for the first time.

That might be my new desktop. :smiley:

nice shots!:grinning:

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Some here of Araflin and I playing together with El Niño and La Niña along with a few of my solo alt, Forge

Amazing shots! Very atmospheric.

Love the 4th pic down. I often creep around abandoned buildings in my underpants so that image speaks to me.




Finbar’s cozy cabin in the woods.


Thought I’d share this really cool shot of my concert stage surrounded by a radiation storm.