Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt - Item List

Here is the list!

Please only modify the tab with your name on it! - OTG Honour System folks.

When you are done, with all 30 items on the list, Post “DONE” below.


  1. Does Pelvis and Rib Cage count for pelvis?
  2. For the pic with the moth man, is that the real one or the statue?

Thanks for doing this! having fun and more stash will help!


  1. Yes “Pelvis and Rib Cage” can count as a “Pelvis”, so can a Pelvis.
  2. For the moth-man pic it is either (wise or not Mothman).
  3. for the Cultist Dagger, the Cultist Blade is also fine.
  4. For the pictures: you need 4 people for the musical band one. All the rest of the pictures just need to be from 2 to 4 players (1 player alone is not enough)

For credit since some were not able to use photomode in that locale.
Taramil Mouth Harp
Cyajojo - Bass
Neabliss - Drums
Edzwarr - Guitar

Same Group playing Golf…

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Same Group playing soldier

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Water Slide, you get the idea…



Great work you guys! I laughed out loud at some of these.

Thanks, we definately giggled at times…

Does Broken Doll count as doll?

I went to the old golf course. The other person is hiding in the grass

Yes I did ask my party to attack the super mutants just so I could have a bloody sign

yup it is 3 am and no Cyajojo the date is not over!!! =P

Nice ace!

Me and my new friend, the Wise Moth Man…

Great work!