Fallout 76 Beta progress likely to carry over to launch

According to the FAQ on the official website, the last question on the list, your progress from beta will be saved.

Q: Is the B.E.T.A. going to be the full game and will my progress carry over to launch?
A: Our current plan for the B.E.T.A. is it will be the full game and all your progress is saved for launch. We hope you join us!

Now, pay attention to the part that says “our current plan”. In other words, if something gets really out of hand, like a dupe bug that tanks the economy, they may end up having to reset some stuff or everything.


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They also said there would be no NDA in the beta as well.

It would be nice to have the progress made in 2 weeks carry over, tho I am not holding my breath.We shall see.

I believe the progress will carry over. We won’t be playing the entire time. I think we will be lucky to get more than 20 hours in the entire beta time. They are only going to have short 4 to 8 hour sessions, and they won’t be every day.

I hope they change their minds on the short sessions, but I’m doubtful.

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I’ve seen the same thing in a few places. Its more or less a headstart than a beta. And I’ll be there on PC