Falling behind

I worked like crazy to unlock Lightforged (Paladin) in time for BFA, however I just dinged 80 and realized I’m really falling behind in being able to join everyone in end-game content. I’m really really tempted to to boost a human to 110 in order to play catchup in BFA and main that instead. That would put me ahead 30 levels and also give me the 10% rep boost inherent in humans…

Do not worry about this at all unless bleeding edge content is your top priority. There seems to be a push with new content to get out there and work on progression by some. And then over time those groups lose people and are looking for replacements, so there is room for you later as well as earlier.

You just went through the 60-80 stretch, and that is the slowest most frustrating part of levelling up. You are in the clear now. Pandaria and Warlords are progressively easier and faster to get exp, and by the time you hit legion you should be ramped up and barreling along into BFA

Don’t sweat it, you have 2 years to get it done. I am taking my time and enjoying the new content, which I think is excellent by the way. This was my first xpac with WoW and I am very happy with it. I think Bliz did an excellent job. There will be groups running the end game content all the time.

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Exactly! We will be running the content for some time to come.

If you do boost then there are plenty of us in guild to help with heroics and mythic runs to gear up as well.