Explanation: how itemization & drop rates will work in the Shadowlands season 4

Way too much happening for me to list. So just click on any of the links in this posting to see what’s being done:

With the last content patch for Shadowlands firmly in the rear-view mirror at this time, World of Warcraft is trying something different for the content lull before Dragonflight arrives. It’s a fourth season of M+ dungeons and raiding, complete with dungeons pulled from a long history of dungeons. (You may wonder how this is different from Timewalking events, and the answer is they’re trying to do something about months of no new content so hush up and play along.) The new season will be in the game soon, but the developers have provided some last clarifications about how things will work.

Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks will have a different drop list than when they were new dungeons, since both dungeons had unique drops and shared drops across all of Warlords of Draenor when they were current. The new drop list should bring them roughly in line with what other dungeons award. Stat levels will be adjusted and gear will go upward, but Legendary items and conduits will not get a level bump. There are also a number of balance changes and tuning tweaks, as well as an explanation of how Valor will work as a currency (only on current items from season 4, to summarize). Check out the full rundown ahead of patch notes and the actual launch.