Experimental Upgrade Tokens

Very op item an makes already op ships super OP. Tried it on the Tzen-tarr and Ba’ul Sentry ship and it is just insane. The extra item slot is nice, it lets you have all your summons (crystal, nimbus, delta, koyabashi maru etc.) along with batteries. The kicker is the extra ship trait slot. If you go full control and slot 6 onto a science ship you might as well not move, macro gw and go afk. Extra universal slot bumps ships already at 12 console slots to 13 and that just ain’t right. All in all I do not know if I should be happy or scared. Happy as I do not need to discard an older ships to keep up with the power creep or scared as to the fact that they might be running out of ideas to prolong the life of this mmo. It is over 10 years old after all.

I haven’t tried it yet. I have the free one, plus I lucked out and got an Ultra rare when opening phoenix boxes during the promo this past week. So now I have three. I’ve mostly been concentrating on the KDF SB with my Freetime on the weekend. After this upcoming weekend, it will be down to getting the 4 upgrades done.

I wouldn’t have a clue what ships I would use them on at this point. I was toying with doing a Sci/Torp Build on Kah’lok to try something different than a Basic Disruptor Beam boat he has now but no idea if there is a Nautilus type ship for the KDF side or not. Since that seems to be a big one in all the guides I have looked at.


yeah I have come back to STO after several years off, and I am pretty lost to be honest. I started a new character and somehow got a T6 ship which is pretty nice to be honest, however the game has gotten quite a bit more complicated or I guess way more busy since I played last.

So what ships are better, battle cruisers, carriers, escorts, not really sure where to go. I also have like 40k zen as I have a lifetime membership and I think that they give me zen every month, not sure what to spend it on.

Demiclise is probably the better person to answer you Brohawk. Different ships excel at different things. I mostly up to this point flew cruisers since I tend to like to keep moving and do broadsides. Right now my main three are riding around in one of the Jemhadar Cruisers with the wingmen mechanic from the Victory Is Life expansion. I’m sitting on some zen myself waiting for the next 25 to 35 percent sale to come around and I might grab a couple of the cross faction ship packages since I have characters on both sides. Plus I need to grab some extra character slots and some other things from the services section.

I believe they did a game update a while ago that allowed all T6 ships to be claimed once your character was out of the tutorial and it will level up with you. It allowed people to hop in their favorite ships from the beginning.


I would be more than happy to guide you brohawk. Send me an a private email for it. Keep these in mind when you want me to make something for you:

  1. how much money you want to spend?
    a lot, some , a little, none
  2. What do you want to do?
    max dps, middle of the road, space magic, tanking
  3. What captain you are thinking of using?