Expansion Reveal >>> new level 70!

Make sure you check out the “Show More” under the title box beneath the actual video. You can pick and choose which portion of the video you wish to watch, go back to, or skip. I chose to skip the ‘event countdown’ portion as I was not interested in watching a timer. But different strokes for different folks.

[shhhh… whisper dragons AND professions worth their weight in gold (maybe if Bliz actually delivers what they are discussing)]


OMG!!! This looks awesome!

You can just guess what I’m going to do…I want to be a healing dragon for raids…so I’ll be working on the new character a lot.


World of Warcraft’s version of the D&D Dragonborn race. Very nice!

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Now if Bliz actually delivers what they seem to be offering in that reveal, I think it will improve player experience a lot. I recognize some ideas that seem to be lifted directly from GW2 and EQII games, which actually were very successful once implemented.

I particularly am intrigued by the new crafting/profession changes they are offering. Not much detail over all but enough to make you think of how EQII handled crafting. I found that extremely satisfying when I was playing it.

I also like the idea of personalizing your dragon mount which includes changes in colors and designs. I would love to see this expanded to include gear and other things that could be improved with new dye colors. I know I spent hours personalizing my characters’ gear and look with the dye ability GW2 offered.

Not to mention the mount characteristics where each had different abilities that were somewhat helpful in combat. For instance, the Springer was able to:

  • Knocks down nearby enemies with Cannonball if Forceful Impact mastery is trained.

Now that was fun.

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And for those in the the Burning Crusade Classic world we willl be having another go with Lich King…

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So glad they touched on that in the reveal video. Makes more sense to have them side-by-side in announcing the upcoming changes and new offerings.

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This looks great! I haven’t played Wow in a long time (mostly due to poor health), but this expansion has me excited.

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And @Beldred it looks and sounds as though it won’t be as restrictive as the last couple of expansions, of course that is if they actually deliver most of what they are saying. We would love to welcome you back to WoW, regardless of faction. They actually are implementing cross faction play as well.

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@Beldred what Lyn said. :slight_smile:

I am excited for the lighter, more colorful zone. I really did get tired of the dark, demon-like zones of dread and despair.