Ex-Member Looking for Re-Invite to FC

Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen!

I was away for work for a long period of time, around six months, and recently returned to the game now that I no longer have to travel and can make time to play again.

I used to be a member of the FC on Excalibur and had a really great experience getting to know people and just hanging out at the FC house, etc… After returning I see that I have been removed due to inactivity, which was expected as I’m pretty sure it was policy iirc. My wife, who’s character name is Teyla Knox, was also a member at the time.

I have name changed my character since, when I originally joined the FC in late 2018 my character name was Almost Lancelot or Tax Collector (I cannot remember what I had registered on the forum as, but I could not seem to login to my old account with either username, so I made a new account).

My current character name is Lance Powers. Lala Dark Knight Main.

Do I need to re-apply in order to get re-invited? Not sure about the process for previous members who lapsed re-joining the FC.

If an officer or anyone could contact me ingame or here with clarification on how to proceed it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there @Powers… I was not able to find that username on the old forum user list, so I’ll need a bit more information from you. Check your Private Messages here for more information. You can find your Private Messages by clicking on your avatar (above right) and then the envelope icon.

Hey Juulz,

I replied to your PM, I was wrong about the username as it isn’t one I commonly used. I managed to locate the correct information and have sent everything to you as requested.

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Hi @Powers I was able to verify your previous member status!

Welcome Back… When we moved over to the new forum software we weren’t able to take the member list. Everyone has had to re-verify. :grin:

Check your Private Messages here for your welcome message.

Happy gaming!