** Eve Chapter Policies **

In-game chat: OTG Public
Voice Coms: Discord

OTG Primary Areas of Operation

  • Hisec - Mission running, mining, exploration and industry based in Amarr space (HQ in Charra). Regular mining fleet bonuses and a strong industrial group.
  • Lowsec - Access to lowsec anomalies, DED sites, wormholes, lowsec mining,

Mission Statement

The objective of the OTG Eve Chapter is to provide friendly and diverse game-space play within Eve where we can achieve common objectives by working together.


  1. Dual-guilding is having characters in corps other than OTG-i/OTG chapter corps or the OTG Alliance

Requirements for OTG EVE Chapter Membership 1, 2:

  • Joining the chapter requires joining the OTG gaming guild and participating in the OTG Eve community
  • Visiting the EVE section of this web site at least once a month is required to maintain guild membership
  • Keeping your main character in a chapter run entity (corp or alliance) OTG-EvE is not for alts!
  • Abiding by all chapter policies (below).

General Chapter Policies

  1. Don’t be dick

  2. Don’t engage in severe dark side game play (scams, theft, etc.) that is inconsistent with the larger OTG guild

  3. NO Dual-guilding unless it is one of the three exceptions (b,c,d)
    A. Our focus per the mission statement is to play Eve with OTGers. If you want to primarily run with Deep Space Vermin in NPC 0.0, you are not being an OTG Eve chapter member.
    B. Basic exception: typical alts in NPC or “holding corps” - e.g. scout, industry, market, WH closer, cyno and hauler ALTS
    C. Hidden exception: you may go do anything within the rules of CCP so long as those characters and actions are not traceable back to OTG. You may not use OTG assets to support such activities. They must be completely independent from the chapter. People are expected to be “OTG first”. If you participate in these things and it impacts OTG, you will be expelled from the chapter and possibly banned from the chapter and/or greater OTG.
    D. Special exception: granted on an individual basis and are at the ultimate discretion of the command staff

  4. DO NOT pirate , gank, can flip, ore steal, or ninja loot “neutrals” IN HISEC

  5. DO NOT smack talk . This goes with (1) and does draw wardecs.

  6. NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) protocol is effect in lowsec, nullsec and w-space(Exceptions to this apply)

  7. Dispute in private, be respectful in public. Kick disputes up the chain to the officers and let them do the heavy lifting and be the bad guys. But always try to handle the situation at the lowest level possible, when possible.

  8. Chapter leadership has the “final” say on all issues. If you still disagree, talk to an admin but don’t dispute on the forums or in open comms.

Membership Options

  1. Core member (recommended) - Join OTG indy corp or low sec corporation with your main character(s) and get full access to chapter held privileges

Privileges of OTG Chapter Membership:

  • Access to the private section of the EVE Chapter boards.
  • Access to restricted Voice Comms.
  • Optional opportunity to play in 0.0 space and PvP
  • Fleet bonuses (Mining / Missioning / Other)
  • Many rigs, items, and ships discounted or produced at cost (core members)
  • Free 100% refining
  • Access to a Station lab to research your BPO’s (core members)
  • Tons of real time help in game - we love to answer questions.
  • A very low-drama, knowledgeable, laid back group of players to chat with!

1 The EVE Chapter Leader has final say on all exceptions and questions on member status
2 If you are purged due to inactivity and wish to re-enlist, just send the EVE Chapter Leader or Recruitment officer a PM!