ESO’S Performance Improvements Plan

Bethesda announced a roadmap for improvements for ESO at QuakeCon this year. Many people have noticed an increase in load screens, lag in large-group combat, console, and other issues since the launch of Elsweyr.

Here are the proposed improvements with quarterly updates: (-Please check attached post for details-)

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They still have the animation canceling thing right?

It’s my understanding that it’s an ‘intentional’ unintentional result of them prioritizing blocking and dodging in the combat system. The impression I got from the QuakeCon presentation is a focus on overhauling memory management and performance tweaking so combat isn’t a load on the server.

New loading-screen tip from Wrathstone update - “Once you’ve begun a light attack, you can immediately activate an ability from your skill bar without interrupting that light attack.”

Good post. I dug into the piece and took these notes

Q4 2019
Memory management = less crashing
Combat ability = small impact, may help in large groups
LFG = perhaps address performance under heavy load

Q1 2020
Patching- reduced space taken up by ESO on hard drive, directly reduct load times
Art fixtures- better compression to impact load times
More combat abilities- more of what was in Q4
Frame rates- better frame rates
Server optimization- improve performance for large groups

Cold Storage- put old not accessed characters onto separate storage, to speed up character loads
Frame rates- more from Q1
Bug fix- monster pathing

Looks like most of what I want addressed starts in Q1 2020.

Let me know if they ever fix the Cyrodiil lag.