ESO Guild Trader

So we lost the Guild Trader again. Again?
So we should pay 2k a week for not having a trader most time and also pay the fee , when we set up stuff for selling, without a guild trader?
Lose trader once might happen. Even twice, but this is ridiculous.

I think Tess is on hiatus, and so there’s no one to bid for one. Might be wrong there, though :slight_smile: But that’s what I figured.

Well, then it would be fair for the guildys that still play ESO to promote an officer to handle all the needed stuff, instead just turning away.

Tess bids every week. The bid system for ESO is garbage. Unless you overbid every week there is no guarantee of winning the bid. Also members step up and request the job. You dont just promote someone to do it. I am sure if someone wants to help lead the guild it would be welcomed but every time I have seen the offer go out all that can be heard are the crickets. I suggest getting a trading guild as one of your 5 guilds. Tess keeps the trading guild going even though it is a pain in the rear. I would have condensed to one guild long ago.

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Well there you go :slight_smile: And yes, I absolutely agree that the bidding process for traders in ESO is… Somewhat retarded :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in game just about every morning doing daily quest and I put in a bid every week for the guild trader
we are bidding over 550k to 650k a week and if we lose we lose if we win then great,
ESO Guild merchant system is not all that great, its out of our control.

Like other have said we can belong to 5 guilds, most members belong to 2 or 3 trading guilds , a raiding guild or PvP Guild

OTG ESO chapter does not focus on being just one guild type, we try and help members that are casual players and offer a Trader when we get a good run with the bidding system,


I just want to say “thank you Tess”, for everything that you do to keep the guild going.
I am grateful for the Trader when we win the bid and am ok waiting to get it back if we lose the bid.

I read somewhere that it helps if we own a keep in Cryodill.
Does that include all campaigns?
Is there a preferred time for the ownership?


when in Cyrodiil if our members claim an area we will have a trader at that location during the time we own it
All members can claim keeps for Old Timers Trading in Cyrodiil

I try to claim keeps near our AD base, so players will shop them potions/poison while Pvp’ing

anyone that wants to claim a keep while out in Cryodill can, it don’t matter what campaign just 1st grab, but claiming one close to the base seems to be up longer,

Probably because it’s harder for opponents to get there? That would make sense to me :slight_smile: