ESO Guild Bank Policy, Everyone READ Plz

The OTG Chapter of Elder Scrolls Online consists of two member guilds, Old Timers Guild and Old Timers Trading.

This structure is in place in order to provide ease of access and communications between members and staff, as well as giving the Guild Bank added structure and security. For these reasons, there are two guild banks for members to use, along with the following provisions:

General Bank Policies:
· Please limit items to personal use only
· Do not take items for use outside of personal consumption, e.g. selling or giving items to others
· Members acknowledge that all deposits into the guild banks become the property of the guild
· In view of the reason above, do not use the guild banks for excess personal storage or overflow
· Bank usage is monitored by staff
· The guild banks are for members to share items with other members of the guild
· Abuse of bank privileges are not fair to other members and will not be tolerated
· Excessive or questionable use may result in penalties, up to a chapter ban for egregious violations
· When in doubt about excessive use, please send a PM to the Chapter Leader or Officer for clarification

·ALL Guild banks are now ONLY accepting Set items with Desirable Traits, update Nov. 2016
Most Desired Traits are Infused, Divines, Impenetrable, Sharpen, Precise

Old Timers Guild Bank
· The purpose of this bank is to hold items of higher value and rarer quality items.
· Please place higher quality [Blue/Purple/Gold] Sets Armor/Weapons ONLY with desired Traits, Blue/Purple recipe & Motifs in this bank.
· DO NOT deposit any Blue Jewelry Items in this bank, Please sell these items on OTG Members Guild Store at 3x Vendor Value
· DO NOT deposit any Green items of any kind in this bank
· Members may not withdraw from this bank
· Members may obtain items through a direct request to an Officer either by a PM or in game mail.
· Members must show an immediate need on their character in order to validate a request for items in this bank.
· Items are distributed based upon the earliest request received, with the stipulation that an immediate need is shown within the request

Officers that can aid you in getting items from the OTG Bank while they are in game are
@Sassy31 - Crafting Officer
@Ulfgarrd - NCO for PC NA
@esspresso - NCO for PC NA
@carolinaed - NCO for PC NA
@Moriel - NCO for PC NA
@Tenring - NCO for PC NA
@sommers - NCO for PC, Xbox & PS4
@Evil_Mike - NCO for Xbox & PS4
@RogueShadow3 - NCO for Xbox
@Eagle995 - NCO for Xbox

If myself or no NCO’s online please send @Tess-OTG an in-game email with item request, I am in game every morning.

Old Timers Trading Guild Bank
· The purpose of this bank is to hold Recipes, Green SET Armor/Weapons with desired traits, Crafting Materials, Potions, Crafted Food/Drink, Fishing Bait, Soul Gems & Repair Kits.
· DO NOT deposit any Green Jewelry of any kind into Guild banks
· Members may deposit or withdraw from this bank
· Members may take items as needed; however, please limit items to personal use only.
· Please show courtesy to other members and do not take excess items

*Please Note when depositing Set Armor/Weapons it’s trait is a desired traits, we only want items with traits sought after by the members.
OTG Trading Bank is very limited on space and we want only items the member will upgrade and use.
List of One Tamriel new armor/weapons HERE *

The Old Timers Guild Bank [Overflow guild]

Note: This Guild is intended use as an overflow guild when our main Guild reaches 500 member cap, and Bank is overflow storage

· The purpose of this bank is an overflow bank when primary bank is close to cap level.
· Members in this guild may deposit to this bank
· Members may not withdraw from this bank, to obtain items make a request to an Officer either by a PM or in game mail.

Thank you all for the donations!
Always remember to look in the bank when donating armor/weapon sets and Jewelry, if there are more than 3 of the item in the bank please do not deposit in the bank, we have very limited space.

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