ESO EU Question


I am new to OTG and was wondering if we have an EU chapter on ESO or is it limited to N.A. ?

Thanks, and so happy to be here.

I think all us EU players are playing on the US megaserver. I’m not aware of there being any OTG presence on EU servers.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

PS. It works well enough, you probably won’t get that extra 2% of dps or something, but for playing the latency isn’t really an issue.

Thank you!

Don’t forget to join Discord! That’s where most of the communication in regards to events and such is.

There are “Coffee runs” (which for us would be closer to Dinner runs :slight_smile: ) at certain days which always draw a fair number of people. And recently there have been fishing events.

Thank you. I had an idea years ago when my wife and I were running a big guild in WoW that it would be cool to make a multi-game guild for adults. Whomever created this guild has done an amazing job. It’s exactly what I had wished to see happen. I just wish they had a EU chapter because I will be playing both servers, but no big deal. Maybe after I’ve been here awhile they might let me start one.

After testing the EU server and experiencing 998 ping that idea to play there ended and also when I realized how nice the NA folks are!