Eso chapters

How do you find a chapter. What are they?
How do you group up to play with each other.
Where is your clan vendor and banker?

Hey @Mac626 !

For our featured games, everything you should need to know about joining a chapter should be located in that group’s Chapter Information section. For an example I’ve linked the one for ESO below. However, I don’t think that will cover all of your questions, so I hope one of our ESO folks in the know can answer the rest. I hope it helps!

To group you can hang in discord or ask in OTG guild chat in game to see if anyone wants to quest in an area you are in or dungeons

in the OTG MOTD in game is a list of things that could be planned for the Day

Our guild merchant can be reached by using any town banker, refer to your Welcome PM message sent when you join the ESO chapter , there are 2 links for Guild store and bank rules.

We do offer 2 stores, 1 public merchant and 1 guild members only merchant
Our public merchant location can change week to week, all depends on where we win the bid for the week.
At this time it’s in Rivenspire Shornhelm Outlaws Refuge.

To get a guild invite to the ESO chapter you would need to PM @Tess_Phyreforge and give me your ESO USERID @name