Epic store : Free till 20 August : Remnant from the Ashes

On the Epic store they have “Remnant from the Ashses” for free until 20th August.

I’ve heard the bosses are frustratingly difficult. Popular response seems a cross between Dark Souls and Diablo. A looter shooter you complete the campaign twice then you can revisit areas (4 in all). These maps will have a yellow doorway leading to a randomized dungeon with an event or a boss.

From what I got from watching a couple “what is…” youtube videos.

It is the Dark Souls of looter shooters. The bosses are randomly generated with varying abilities and adds such as in the Diablo series. I was in a static 3 person group for a bit and I remember we were up against one boss that wielded a huge sword or something and constantly chased us around the area while spawning adds that chased you down and exploded into poison bombs when they got near your…that was just one particular nightmare boss encounter hehe. I half want to get back into Remnant, but I wouldn’t do so without another full static meeting group.

I watched some video of that boss encounter it appeared rather frustrating. I grabbed a copy of it last night, because it was free, but didn’t install it. I could imagine what it might be like in a PUG … ug.

Playing this game in a PUG…shudders