Endwalker Queues and errors

Well, been trying to login since 1030am my time, for 2hrs and getting repeated errors and disconnects…glad rest XP is building up.

Not sure if anyone saw it, but he Devs said they’re giving everyone 7 free days to play starting 12/7…I hope they’re looking at a real solution, as I don’t anticipate it getting better during peak times…queue for me earlier was 6250

FFXIV Director Addresses Server Issues; Gives Free Subscription Time and Peak Hours Info (fanbyte.com)

There’s only so much they can do if it’s impossible to actually install new hardware. So that’s a bit of a problem right there.


They should have delayed this for a couple of months until they were better prepared.

I’m understanding to a point, but this is a disaster. I can see one day having issues. Two days is pushing it. But going into three days is unacceptable for anyone no matter how awesome the developers are.


Same issue here got in hours after hours late night play . Then fell asleep playing sometime after 1AM Pacific time
ive learned to put all my charaters to bed for rest exp for the mean time.