Endeavor could grow?

Caught a vid from Inforunners where they discuss if the Endeavor is going to increase in size which would also increase its price. This is all based off from old data so take it for what it is. What they did was look at the hanger module and what is suppose to fit in it then run some math. They also look at where it says that its a “large” hanger and run some numbers on that. To sum up the math, they speculate that the length is going to end up anywhere from 300 or so meters all the way up to 1.1k meters.

I don’t think that they will make the Endeavor 1.1k meters and 300 is more likely IF if changes in size.

The end recommendation is to purchase an upgrade from a Gemini to the Endeavor (base model) for $10 and sit on it.
I could probably spare $10 and possibly come out on top if the price goes up.

Already own the HOPE class myself but I fully endorse the idea of sitting on a $10 CCU!