End of Dragons - 3rd Expansion


Hmm. I thought the Dragons were necessary to Tyria’s survival.

Interesting…thanks for posting.

Take my money now

I’m so excited for this! I’ve spent the last couple months catching up on the story, and now I’ve been working on some QoL achievements (converter items, skyscale) all so I’m ready to dive in (pun intended) when this is released!

Any armchair loremasters care to speculate what’s happening in the teaser?

@blackat Wooden Potatoes is the GW lore enthusiast:

Yes, I love WP! But I also love a diversity of thought :slight_smile: I was wondering what pet theories OTGers might have!

I’m surprised WP doesn’t flat out say that it’s time for Mother to install a new clutch of her children to replace the old ones. Seems like the devs made that almost unmistakingly obvbious, but then I haven’t played the game since PoF launched. What do I know? :smiley: