End Game Suggestions?

I’ve hit 65 and been focusing on maxing out my R&D for a while. Still haven’t explored end game much. Is there anything I can do to contribute to the fleet? Or is everything maxed out already?

I haven’t been in game in months due to a couple surgeries I had to get done that I’m still recovering from.

Overall, the holdings on both sides are done other than the colony Holding. They were both at level 4 when I left. The main problem with those project is they are dilithium sinks so they get finished slowly.

The other holdings projects are normally the ones to provide provisions which is what is needed for Fleet member to buy items from the Fleet stores. I would check the various holdings and see how the provision levels are if they are low, I would suggest working on those projects.

Other than that the main limiter for fleet members is Fleet Marks and Fleet credits and how to convert them for use with the fleet holdings.


Thanks Mith! That gives me a good starting point. I’ll do what I can.