Elite Dangerous: OTG Squadron Forming

New Squadron Channel forming for OTG in Elite Dangerous!

I see that @malk0lm is active or was in September. Sorry I was away for real life readjustment time and not reading the boards. I was also spending all of my active game time playing in Elite Dangerous and missed the topics.

With the newly released ‘Horizons Chapter Four’/3.3 update to ED, the game finally has the equivalent of player guilds starting up, and they’re called Squadrons in-game. I have paid the 10 million in credits to open OLD TIMERS GUILD as a squadron, open play. I am willing to either hand it over to whoever ‘officially’ gets the nod to keep OTG’s presence on ED there and growing from the admin team here at OTG Corporate(?) or to become that Chapter lead myself if no one else wants it.

One thing is certain - Elite Dangerous is a great game for those who like sandbox outer space simulation adventures, and the recent updates to provide an ‘E’ to the PvE concept over the past year just keep making this game better and better. I’m happy to be the annoying bit of sand that becomes the center of the pearl of an active OTG presence in ED. Like EVE, I guess, but nicer.

Anyway, even if you just stop by temporarily on your way to better specialized Squadrons as the whole notion takes off in Elite Dangerous to pick up tips on where to start and how the heck to decide what to do in the first place and need some advice, tag me!

CMDR VANNOLEN in-game, send friend invites too.


Spaces not allowed in Squadron names, so I have gone instead with ‘OTG-1’ and the four-character code for it of ‘OTG1’.

I have this most excellent game but have not played for a while.

It’s good to see it getting attention in OTG. I will try to keep up with this activity and see if it gets me back in the game sometime after the business and tax season lets me have some of my life back.

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Right now it’s just me, but I’m playing anyway so I’ll leave the light on to see who gathers before doing membership pushes in game.

With the multi-crew options to “project” your holo self without needing to physically board the ship you join, you can now go on the long exploration hikes and then multi-crew to join other Squadron folks back in the bubble if you need a break from the long exploration hauls, or tag along to learn activities as you first start playing the game. So there’s some good options now with Squadrons and leaderboards and the like.

They restored the ability to use spaces in the Squadron names. I know there’s not exactly a crowd beating a path to the squad just yet, but for those who might refer to this later, the Squadron name is now ‘Old Timers Guild’ and the ID is still OTG1.

I tried to make a squadron on Inara and also in the game but I got slapped down by the Admins. So GL with that.

Didn’t have any problem. They opened up the Squadrons ability in the game to make it really easy in the last patch or two. Go to your Right Side UI panel and next to where you can access the Powers screen there is a Squadron button. If you click that you can search for the Squadron and submit an application through the game system. Pretty simple guild channel functionality. Just costs 10mill credits to form one.

Then to access the ‘chat channel’ it’s one of the tabs on the top right of your Comms UI panel. All there is to it. They track progress in terms of combats, explorations, and profits from trade each week or so (not sure on cycle length) and then publish Leaderboards for Squadron activity for those who like to compete for rankings. I’m more casual but the ability to keep score is there. And the more active Squadrons will theoretically be seen by more people looking for a Squadron to join.

So far there aren’t that many that I’ve seen with double digit membership. The concept is new, but should catch on soon as folks begin to recognize the strength in forming alliances to help influence the game economy and politics alone. Give it time.

But it’s real simple to form one, and you don’t need to do anything on Inara for it. Pure ED.

Looking forward to adding you to the lists. :slight_smile: You can be an admin if you like. Secret handshakes and passwords and everything.

See you in the game.

Right, I get what you’re saying. In the game you can actually create a squadron pretty easy, but you can’t make one that is branded with OTG stuff without express written permission of the OTG admins. It’s against the TOS. So unless you got permission be prepared for a takedown.

I’m a total noon in Elite but would like to learn. Any tips?

Hey @damiter_99. Welcome to the game. I actually folded the OTG squadron and joined one active for the Alliance, which is my Galactic Power of choice.

The game is truly sandbox. You have three main focus areas that the game tracks for personal excellence or “level” ranking: Combat, Exploration, and Trade. You want to pick one as your main bucket and focus on that until you get Elite ranked, but you end up doing a bit of everything until you figure out what the game has to offer as activities and which ones you like, vs. which ones leave you wondering why anyone bothers.

First and foremost, spend as much time as you need in the training demos for flight. You can generally choose to avoid Combat unless you want it or go poking into combat zones uninvited, but there’s guides that advocate learning how to fight from the ground up. It’s a true sandbox environment - I skipped combat, which is why I’m Elite Exploration, one rank away from Elite in Trade, and Mostly Harmless ranked in Combat. :slight_smile: But I have spacebucks aplenty now so I’m learning and practicing combat in an Alliance Commander endgame ship. The thing turns on a dime. My trading ship is an Anaconda and she considers letting the universe turn around -her-, and my exploration ship is an Asp Explorer, which is middle of the road everything and with tricked out drives I’m hitting 55ly jump ranges. Not needed, 30ly is min for Exploration voyages off into the galaxy. Lower than that and you’re stuck exploring the clustered stars in the core of the spiral arms.

Combat is combat. Full up pew pew with every rank from Harmless to Elite. If you run combat missions as your focus, learn the difference between a PC and an NPC (PCs have hollow icons on the scanner display bottom center, NPCs have solid ones). If you run combat, then you will be collecting money for wanted combat bonds of the folks you kill nearby in the system. Combat statting is a thing and one I have not yet spent any time learning. It also pushes you to do the Engineers quest lines to unlock the ability to tinker and upgrade your equip to push better min/max results. Go Google, if that’s your aim.

Trade is trade. I highly recommend spending the headache time of downloading Trade Computer Extension Mark II, tce mkii to google. It is an external bridge between the online databases like eddb.io and such and your trade data. It sits as an overlay with certain tools and is well worth the learning curve. Every port you dock at will be scanned by your own personal trade database and reported in to the websites as well so players know what the up to the minute pricing and quantities on all commodities happen to be. Even if trading is not something you want to get into now (it’s boring, back and forth and interdictions. Back and forth and interdictions. Have something playing like music or videos in another screen or the background of the room if you go this route, there’s a bit of eyeball bleeding to it but the money racks up if you know how to read the eddb.io and other online trade databases.) … even if it’s not for you for right now, just having it on every time you play means each and every port you log into will upload its data into your “ship” trade computer, the TCEmkII. And eventually you’ll be able to just flip to your TCE in order to determine the closest station that sells what you need to buy, or see what the things to stock your cargo holds with when you have a mission to another station, for more than just gas money on the way.

Exploration … this is my thing. Learn the new scanning minigame. Outfit a ship like the Asp Explorer which can essentially survive forever out in the uncharted spaces of the galaxy. Again, music or videos help. Having friends you can holo-project to accompany on cooperative flights and wing missions back in the bubble can ease the isolation too. But with Exploration, you jump to a new system and see if anyone has already scanned it, and/or mapped it. Scanning is done close to the arrival star and is the new minigame. Mapping is the old scanning replacement, where you fly out to each celestial body and fire drones at it now to map the surfaces. If you bring along a Surface Rover, you can land on Horizons-capable planets, find Points of Interest, land there, or fly close to the surface, and scan all of the mineral outcroppings and crystal deposits you find. Shoot at them with the surface rover, scoop them up, and you earn the parts and pieces that can be used in your ship or at Engineers to manufacture stuff you need out in the uncharted galaxy (reup your ammo or fuel on your surface rovers, 4xmpl) or soup up your parts and pieces back in the Bubble. Exploration earns tons of spacebucks, but you have to choose carefully where you turn in your Cartographic Data.

In the end, there’s loads more to do. And the beauty of it is that it simulates galactic expansion in a relatively advanced but also relatively early phase of human celestial diaspora. Every station has several factions. Do missions for the factions, their influence goes up. Factions align with certain superpowers. You can end up with a superpower in control of the star system, but have a different superpower control an individual station within the system. Control fluctuates with the Power Play weekly cycle every Thursday renewing, but when you link up with certain Squadrons they have access to computer modeling programs that analyze all of the control and influence and figure out ways to literally take over entire regions of space because through Inara or somesuch they got their Squadron linked directly to an in-game Faction.

Now I fly with the AEDC which focuses on power within and through the Alliance, and is tied to a specific faction. Every day I log into the squadron website and see what the AI has determined are the numbers of actions in specific locations, combat, trade, exploration turn-ins, etc. in order to spread our game faction’s influence and trade dominance throughout the galaxy. The game continues to reveal more macro and micro options the more that I play. It’s pretty well constructed with real gems buried throughout the sandbox.


Oh yeah. Extreme beginning notes:

Your first mission is to choose your faction. Federation is not Star Trek, it’s Wall Street in Space. Empire is the SCA in Space with noble titles and space feudalism and slavery. Alliance is the Brown Coats from Firefly and believes in planet-level self determination, so you get Despots and Autocrats and Socialists and Democrats and Theocrats in there too, but everyone affirms basic tenets of sentient rights and free speech etc. so it’s all kosher ideologically. Pick the one you want. It affects endgame ship choices.

Affiliate with a Superpower faction that matches your overall faction. Alliance only has one option, Ed Mahon. The others have huge superpowers within the larger body of the Empire or Federation. Pick one you like. Or pick the top one for your overall faction on the leaderboard as evidence of active playerbase. Don’t expect to do much in Power Play just yet though. But pick one and join.

Travel to your new faction home. Begin flying missions to build up your own reputation with whomever is in control of the locked system at the center of the larger superpower you chose. Sol for Federation. Alioth for Alliance. Not sure about Empire. It’s your first general goal, and while you work on it you’ll try all the other activities.

FIRST SERIOUS PURCHASE: Auto-docking computer. Yes, it eats a slot. Yes, you can fly manually without one. Yes, you can and should really learn how to do manual docking until it’s insanely second nature. But with all of that, yes, find and buy and install an Auto Dock ASAFP and your life will change forever, and you’ll begin to hate the game a little less. You can always disable it or put it into storage if you feel like the convenience is cheating or you need the slot in your early-game cheapy-ships.

But do get one. It can make it so you don’t mind playing the game when early frustration sets in. How can you worry about intergalactic reputation or politics when you can’t dock without incurring damage to your ship? Auto-dock, my friend. Don’t let the purist/haters fool you. It’s worth the spacebucks and the slot.

Is anyone still playing Elite? Just new to OTG