Elite Dangerous Group admissions

There use to be a thread in which everyone that had ever played Elite Dangerous was listed. I could go to that thread and figure out who were actually members of OTG so that I could admit them into the OTG group of Elite. That thread di not make the transition. So, am I to assume that since there is not currently a “clan” ion elite Dangerous that it is ok to admit anyone who asks?

Enquiring minds want to know - for all of you really old timers out there.


I remember what you are talking about, Qyet. It’s sad that the thread didn’t make the transition to the new forum. Maybe we can use this thread as a combo for group invites and those who want others to send a friend invite in game. I haven’t been on Elite for several months, due to college, and I have three friend invites, but I do not know who they are and if they are in OTG. I will only list their names, on this thread, if I have permission to do so. I can also make another thread asking who they are and can name it so others will know who else plays the game.

You no longer have access to the old forums? Does this link help? https://forum.oldtimersguild.com/forum/general-games/elite-dangerous/134711-people-playing-elite-dangerous