Eckhart's Bar and Swapmeet

Hello to all, This is where i plan on posting, well for everyone, loot trading and special loot items that you need to finish off a set of armor, or weapon mod. Stuff like that. Even though the alpha will be periodically wiped. We can still use it. For instance I have 15 pages of loot. From rare to the usual. Let me start with weapons. I have a ton of knives and weapons of all sorts. You need a gallant rifle or a GP33 grenade launcher, I got that. Looking for that helmet that looks like a cow’s skull with a broken horn? I’ve got that. Anyone looking for or trying to get rid of? Please post here.


This is a great idea. How will we swap stuff, just meet up in game?

Right now its the only way to do so. Hopefully in future builds they input better player to player trade options.

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Hi to all :slight_smile: If anyone comes across the pirate artemis armor, Im looking for the helmit and the legs. LEt me know if you have it and are willing to trade.


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Which one is the pirate armor? I’ve seen Hurston security wear one in the security depot on Hurston. But that wouldn’t be pirate armor.

ITs grey and blue, with pink hands across the face.

This is what pirte armor currently looks like.

Oh ok. I think I have a few of those. The helmet is a Morningstar helmet (modified). You are welcome to have one.

Thanks, but im actually looking for the artemex version. Legs too and pack.

Oh ok. No problem. The image you posted above is all they have in the game atm. I haven’t seen the Artimex helmet or legs in the game since they took them out of the stores. The only complete set I’ve seen is the Hurston Dynamics version that is only at Security Depot Hurston-1. They have three sets in the pledge store, though.

ok thanks.