Easy Way to Save Gold

The Draenor garrison is a great money saver if you raise your forge to level 2 and place a blacksmithing follower in the slot for the forge at the Architect Table located in your Town Hall. Why is this helpful? For some reason, Blizzard has graciously allowed us (at least for now) to keep the buff, Song of the Anvil, you can receive by speaking to your follower at the forge. You actually get two buffs; the other buff being Solace of the Forge, which will occasionally spawn a fire elemental to help you fight. The Solace buff, however, is only usable while present in the wilds of Draenor, so, if you’re doing content anywhere else in the world, you can right-click Solace off in the right-hand corner of your screen by the minimap.

Song of the Anvil provides the unique buff: “Your armor and weapons do not lose durability with use.” This means, as long as you don’t die, you won’t have a repair bill. Song is active whether in old or new content and out in the wilds or when in dungeons/raids. The super aspect here is you don’t have to be a blacksmith to install the forge. Any character can build it, raise it to level 2, install the follower, and get the buff anytime. The buff lasts four hours, which is useful for a lot of grinding, dungeon-diving, harvesting, etc. If you die and lose the buff or get close to the buff expiring, just use your garrison hearthstone and speak with the follower again. There is no CD or waiting period on the follower.

I hope this helps those who need to save their currency for other things.


Thanks for the tip!

You’re welcome :+1:

Seems like that buff works in Draenor and Legion but not BFA. Saves me a pile of cash.

Not sure why you’re having trouble with BFA. I keep that buff up at all times when doing world quests, harveting, etc. in both Boralus and Zandalar. I never have a repair bill, no matter how much fighting I’ve had to do. I’ll check around and see if anyone else has had a similar problem. Thanks.

When BFA first launched I had repair bills with that buff up. Maybe they fixed it since then.