Early 2019 Meta Thread

Just a few things for 2019 stuff going on:

Firstly: to MODS: Why did my sticky threads get unstickied? They are for information and coordination purposes. :frowning: Please re-sticky the old stickied threads.

Stuff concerning My Groups

I’m currently on DM-hiatus until March 1st, which means someone can feel free to steal my timeslot for some weeks. Anyone that wants to play my next group should probably start considering what they’d like to play.

Choice A: Halar-Ezeon - It won’t be pretty to look at, but it’s mine and you folks have enjoyed it, so far. It only gets better as I work more on it. Open Campaigns are fun, but they require focus and intense care. Anyone who’s been tracking my DeviantArt knows what’s up.

Choice B: Waterdeep Series (DH and DoTMM) - I have both books, but I need the FG modules. Dragon Heist is still going on in many popular venues, so it’s long, and ripe for an extended FR campaign. If you love FR like I do, fans now have their pick of three 2-parters in FR. (Princes/Storm King, HotDQ/Tiamat, DH/DoTMM - all are paired.). There is still time to recruit me for either of these, since I have over 25 other things to read.

Choice C: Curse of Strahd - I would have to buy the FG Strahd module, but having played it and enjoyed it, I would have my own way of doing it. It’s hard and dark, and I’d definitely make it (a little more) harder and darker. I do NOT think Strahd would take all year like ToA did. I might even consider starting people at higher level just to spare the common problems associated with levels 1-4 and let you bust through early content.

Choice D: Tomb of Annihilation, Take 2 - I still have ToA and would be willing to run it for those who didn’t get to play it. Be ready to die; this adventure kills things.

Choice E: Tomb of Annihilation Rising: Revengeance - The first group’s experience was very unique, to say the least, so I’ve been planning a short but highly-researched adventure to follow up and resolve some threads. To be honest, I have no idea how it fits into content production plans for this year.

Choice F: Lost Mines - I have Lost mines. It’s a broken FG module, but it’s fun and a great introduction to anything in FR.

Other Stuff

That being said, I’d like to hear what’s going on with Eildor, Dave, and Teufel. I miss those campaigns and am still open to putting aside time to play any of them out. (Dragonriders, Storm King’s Thunder, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and Legacy of the Crystal Shard…in ascending order.)

If anyone wants to step up and DM anything, this is a good time - not all days/nights currently have a game, so “if you build it, they will come”.

I am adjusting to my new shift. My Work hours are 1pm to midnight EST M-F including travel. I would love to re-start the Shard campaign , but need to figure out a good time slot . Saturdays are usually family days, and I work every other Sunday also. Any ideas? I miss my D&D and need to get going again.

Wow - that’s rough. I hope it’s working out for you, at least.

Not much in the way of ideas, here - It’s possible it’s just one of those times on the year and we’re just busy.

What might be easiest is: if there’s something one-shottish that you have from AL content? I have no problem playing that and you wouldn’t have to commit much to it other than a few weeks and some prep.

Yeah, I do have a few small things around. I would still like to run/complete Crystal Shard . Love that module. But some short modules would be a nice warm up!