Dying Light 2 coming soon! w00t!

I have been waiting for the release of this game ever since I played Dying LIght and after multiple delays it is finally set to drop on February 4th and I am STOKED. Who else is with me on this title?

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Dying Light 2, God of War, Elden Ring, and Lost Ark…want them all but probably will end up with Dying Light 2 and the bronze pack for Lost Ark. Really hope they all end of being great games.

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I do as well

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Hear hear! I loved Dying Light 2, my favorite zombie game. One of the few games I have replayed. I played it when it first came out, then played it again when The Following DLC came out just to relive it before diving into The Following. I am so looking forward to Dying Light 2.

Also got Lost Ark in February as well as Elden Ring and the SWTOR expansion. I think I’ll be waiting on Elden Ring because I am already invested in the other three.

I’m still invested in Death Stranding (great game, btw). I have Resident Evil Village up next. Dying Light 2 is on the horizon

Anyone here besides me playing this game?

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I’m still playing it every night some while also playing Lost Ark every night some. I am enjoying the game as much as I enjoyed the first one even though it has a bit of the ole jank to it. I haven’t experienced any bugs or glitches really aside from some minor physics stuff and an instance of funky hit collision detecting now and then. The parkour movement is pretty smooth and gets better as you unlock and learn more parkour skills. The combat isn’t vey complex and still relies on the good ole Dead Island/Dying Light frantic smashing and slicing along with parkour attacks (which are really handy and satisfying to pull off). Stealthing also pretty useful and not too hard to pull off in most of the indoor areas, but hard as hell to pull off at night outside. Lots of content to do with quests/missions, side quests, activities, locations to explore and so on. I am liking it and still on the lvl 1/lvl 2 range story quest line. I am lvl 3 almost 4 so far from doing a buttload of side stuff and just like the original game, my character hardly ever sleeps, mostly just to advance the time when needed. Lots of loot and inventory to play with and upgrade and crafting and so on and so forth.

So hell yeah I’m enjoying it and will be for a long time, got a long ways to go until the end yet.

Hey folks! New member here just going through the application process. Not sure if any of you are still playing DL2, but if you are and you want someone to run around with, I’m down! I’m still right into the game, and likely will be for a while. I’m on PC, and currently working my way through NG+.