Dxun team

We need 2 DPS if we want to run today. Dainter is out of town so we’ll need a sub for him in addition to one other permanent DPS. The plan is to run pub side at 2:00 central time.

We still need one DPS. If you want to join but feel your gear is not up to par, let either me or Foebic know and we’ll help you. In the meantime, the team can review the strats at the following website: https://mmobits.com/category/star-wars-the-old-republic/hm-dxun-operation-boss-guides/

If you are into Min/Max for your gear, I’ve attached a document which will help a lot. The first page lists the enhancements currently available in the game. The second page gives you a little help in choosing some gear depending on the guild’s buffs. The third page give informtion on capped vs uncapped content. Currently, the only uncapped content is Dxun. All other content is capped.Min Max Information.pdf (824.7 KB)

A site which helps in planning gear before you commit is www.charplanner.com

We are definitely running Sunday the 29th even if we have to pug a DPS. It’s time to get this party started.

I posted just a few pages from the spreadsheet I found on Theorycrafters. Here is the link to the entire spreadsheet. It includes gearing suggestions for capped and uncapped content for tanks, dps and healers. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VGqUApKhNqE_Tu9anwL88YEGsrzY5VXZOwkG03HTIlA/edit#gid=845245716