Dungeons & Dragons Online or Neverwinter

Hi folks. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post a general query that relates to more than one game, so apologies if it isn’t. I’m looking for a bit of D&D nostalgia in an online game for me and a friend, with the option of joining larger groups later on. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me how DDO and Neverwinter compare? I can see that Neverwinter has better graphics from watching some YTs, but how do they compare in terms of (a) immersion, (b) fidelity to D&D, © number of people still playing (in general and in OTG), and (d) fun game-play (admittedly subjective)?

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The only thing they have in common is D&D. For the rest they’re completely different games with almost no overlap at all.

DDO is a very MMOish general quest game with dungeons that feel somewhat DM led, and Neverwinter is more an action adventure RPG with a… Rather annoying underlying real money/shop/collection mechanism.

Both are Free 2 Play, so I would say, try them both.

DDO over Neverwinter IMHO

NW bills to china, no thanks…

Yeah, you’ll know within a couple hours which one is more your style. Both games have an unfortunate amount of “look at what you’re missing!” If you’re playing for free. I found that Neverwinter had a lot more content available to a free player, if that’s a deciding factor.