Dungeon Mingle Nights

Hello everyone.

Officers have talked about this and starting Jan 11th 2024, there is going to be a mythic dungeon run for everyone who wants to attend this weekly event. This is to help people and mainly have FUN!!! Here are some rules for this.

  1. Invites would start 15 minutes prior to star. So the runs should start at 9pm (eastern), 8pm (central), 7pm (mountain), and 6pm (pacific) time zones. (People will be put into a raid grp, as I put people into the grp’s of 5 from there)
  2. Groups should run lower keys for the comfort of everyone involved, all the way up to what the entire grp is comfortable running. Lowest comfortable key is most likely best place to start.
  3. No criticism of anyone’s play style. We are there to help people to have fun.
  4. If you can walk into a mythic dungeon by blizzard’s rule; you can go.
  5. FUN IS REQUIRED. (This rule is non-negotiable)

We will try to get as many groups going, the people you play with one week you may not be running dungeons with them the next week. It’s more to have fun and relax. No sign-ups required.

See everyone then. Have a fantasicly, fabulous, and wonderful day; all you sunshining people. :grin:


The first week was a success and everyone had fun! We will be doing this every Thursday evening. People enjoyed themselves and learned some dungeons or learned how some others play. It was a fun time by all.

I will be implementing an additional rule. Rule #6 you will need discord to go. You only have to be able to listen to discord you do not have to talk in discord, as it’s hard people people to type everything our into chat. We want everyone to have fun and we want everyone. Once again… you just need to be able to listen in discord. Thank you!

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