Dual Universe

hey guys has anyone else heard of this game ? https://www.dualthegame.com/en/
i stumbled cross it a while back and really like the direction they are going with this.
I actually plan on picking up a supporter pack soon. And if you know me from previous games or discord you know I am tired of the EA crap.
But this might be something if we get enough of us, to put an OTG chapter in it.

keeping an eye on this one

I’m interested in this one, but it’s not high on my radar because it seems like there is very little to do in terms of PVE.

Looks interesting, thanks for the heads-up.

I have planned to play this game as well.

been playing DU since April. Once NDA is lifted 8/27, I can talk more about it. Great game though. Very satisfying gameplay. I haven’t been active on OTG for quite some time but I know there are good folks here, just popping in to say Hi.

DU Has entered Beta for backers with everyone else slated to start in one week… Does OTG plan on being part of this game?

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I’m an early backer and have a free beta invite available to gift. If someone is interested, send me a PM with your email and I’ll drop it your way. First come first served :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey man thanks but i have to much going on right now to try a new game. i have been following it though and it’s come a long way.

Yes it has. If you like building space stuff and flying around in a busy universe with mining and shooting and nose-picking this might be for you. I actually haven’t been playing in a while…I’m still at the nose picking stage but if you want to try it for free, just send me $10.00. Oh, wait…guess we better leave it free. And remember, you can probably be up and running here faster than you can in Star Citizen! You never know…at least I don’t…at this moment.

we have a lo…winner! Thanks for all the offers of free porn but I have plenty I got from the Adm…other recused members. Vote early and vote often!

Have been enjoying the beta despite some of NQ’s beta snafus- certainly playable- biggest q for me is how far they’ll let individuals go in this “sandbox”- latest changes put a huge burden on the independent “putter around” type- but still sucking up too much of my time