Dual Universe - 30,000 Simultaneous Player Avatars on The Same Game Server

Dual Universe, what looks to me (and others) like a sci-fi game that has been heavily inspired by Anarchy Online, have taken the spirit of sci-fi to heart and are pushing the envelope on server size expectations. In an MMO world where other companies are shrinking sizes or using clever (if akward) sharding techniques, this envelop bursting effort is much welcome.

As usual Kotaku has the best write up (and links to videos):

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Mind that the players in these alphas are all under NDA.

This game is something that I’ve been watching for a while now but it has been in development for quite a while. If it works as advertised then it will be a breakthrough technology wise, but as far as I understand it right now it’s just a glorified and expensive tech demo.

Also Kotaku just like many other “gaming” journalism websites are far more interested in virtue signaling, and far left propaganda than actual games so I don’t bother.

Drama Alert! Drama Alert! Drama Alert! :wink:

Side stepping your political comment, I can say as a writer and as someone who reads all of the websites daily that Kotaku are actually some of the best games journalists in the bizz. They regularly break new stories and do in-depth coverage of everything from game reviews, to development and industry theory. Top of the game.

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I am thinking of looking into this game. Star Citizen is also coming along slowly, and Chronicles of Elyria face planted in the gutter. I need something to look forward to.

I have been playing this when possible, it is coming along nicely. I feel OTG would fit with a guild called Silver Light Industries. I have been playing with them and they are helpful, knowledgeable, and have a good reputation.

There is a closed beta coming up for a 30 day period, come try it out, not open beta though.